for dyslexics, by dyslexics


Virginia Dyslexia Schools

821 Baker Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

(757) 497-6200

Grades: 1-12

Mission: The mission of Chesapeake Bay Academy is to educate students through academic programs individualized to address their learning differences, empowering them with the skills and confidence necessary for success in higher education, careers and life.

About the School: All children can benefit from an academic program designed specifically to meet their learning differences. Students who experience challenges acquiring reading and written language skills, those with ADHD and organizational challenges, students with dyscalculia and disgraphia, or students who simply are not served well in traditional classroom settings--all of these can find success at CBA.

500 Little Keswick Ln

Keswick, VA  22947

(434) 295-0457

Ages: 9-15; Boys only

About the School: Little Keswick School is a Therapeutic Boarding School, which provides a structured environment to give children with emotional and self-regulation issues, language-based and nonverbal learning disabilities, ADHD or Asperger's and similar developmental disorders, opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive. Quality academic and residential programs, behavioral management, and individual, group, and family therapy, support a warm nurturing environment with caring teachers, counselors, and therapists. Little Keswick School provides special education for boys ages nine to fifteen at admission. We are located in Central Virginia near Charlottesville and the University of Virginia.

4211 Hermitage Road

Richmond, VA 23227-3718

(804) 266-2494


Grades: 6-12

About the School: The New Community School provides a program of college preparation for dyslexic (specific language learning disabled) students, grades 6-12. The program includes both remediation of language skills and academic challenge appropriate for students of average to above-average intellectual potential. The school also provides an environment that values and fosters personal growth, positive self-regard and the personal characteristics of a productive citizen. The New Community School serves as a resource to the educational community in the education of dyslexic boys and girls. The school is an independent, nonsectarian and non-profit day school accessible to dyslexic students of all races, creeds, ethnic origins and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Boyd Tavern

Keswick, VA 22947

(434) 293-9059

Ages: 6-14

About the School: Oakland School is a small boarding and day school for children ages 6-14 with learning disabilities including dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, nonverbal learning disabilities or visual and auditory processing disorders. The program also is well-suited to those with ADHD or organizational difficulties. The combination of daily one-to-one instruction, an emphasis on basic skills including Oakland’s specialty of teaching reading, a highly-experienced and nurturing staff and a success-oriented environment has enabled scores of children to reach their academic and personal potential since 1950.

2110 McRae Road

Richmond, VA 23235

(804) 320-3465

Grades: K-8

Mission: Riverside School’s mission is to provide remediation of the language skills for  students with dyslexia and similar language-based learning differences in grades K-8, so that they can return to mainstream education fully prepared to realize their highest potential. The school further seeks to provide students with learning differences with an environment in which pressures are removed, the failure pattern is eradicated, and self-concept is improved. Less emphasis is placed on props and frills while remediation of academic problems in specific skill areas are addressed. Following the philosophical tenets of Dr. Samuel Orton, a systematic and sequential multi-sensory, success oriented approach is used; and a supportive, caring and nurturing atmosphere is provided.