for dyslexics, by dyslexics


Tennessee Dyslexia Schools

414 Brymer Creek Rd

McDonald, TN 37353

(423) 479-4523

Grades: 6-12

Mission: Our mission is to empower students who have learning differences to develop the skills and values necessary for success in our global community.

About the School: Bachman Academy is a boarding and day school for children in grades 6-12 who have language-based learning differences, like Dyslexia, and attention issues, like ADHD; Bachman Academy provides a language-rich program of study emphasizing hands-on learning. In addition to the academics, students have the opportunity to study equestrian science, mechanics, woodworking, or horticulture/agriculture. Bachman Academy is dually-accredited by SAIS/SACS.

2432 Yester Oaks Drive

Germantown, TN 38139

(901) 754-1800

Grades: 1-8

Mission: The mission of Bodine School is to lead the Mid-South in teaching children with dyslexia to read and succeed.

About the School: At Bodine School, we provide an independent, educational experience that allows the dyslexic mind to thrive through a challenging and thought-provoking curriculum. Neuroscience proves that dyslexics learn differently than others. With this in mind, Bodine has built a curriculum, electives, after school programs and one-on-one learning opportunities all under the guidance of our three Core Values: Innovative, Transformative, Boundless. The Values are prevalent in everything we do.

6544 Murray Lane

Brentwood, TN 37027

(615) 507-3242

Grades: K-12

Mission: Currey Ingram Academy is a primary through twelfth grade independent college preparatory school. Currey Ingram provides an environment rich in opportunities for students who have unique learning styles. The educational program is structured for students to achieve a high standard of academic excellence through personalized instruction within the framework of a curriculum designed for superior to average learners. Currey Ingram encourages students to develop effective learning strategies by hiring highly trained teachers who meet the individual educational needs of each student by building on strengths, addressing learning styles and cultivating the confidence necessary for self-advocacy. School activities are planned to broaden interests, promote leadership, shape character and develop talents. Establishing partnerships with families and sharing resources with parents, educators and professionals beyond the school are essential to the Currey Ingram experience. Currey Ingram Academy is dedicated to inspiring lifelong learners who enjoy a quality of life that is educationally rewarding and personally fulfilling.