for dyslexics, by dyslexics


Massachusetts Dyslexia Schools

Lower School (Grades: 1-5)

1841 Trapelo Road

Waltham, MA 02451

(781) 259-8342

Middle School and Carroll Nine (Grades: 6-9)

25 Baker Bridge Rd

Lincoln, MA 01773

(781) 259-8342

Grades: 1-9

Mission: The Carroll School is dedicated to meeting the educational needs of children diagnosed with language-based learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, and to supporting the constituencies that serve them. Carroll seeks a culturally, ethnically, and economically diverse population and is an active public champion for persons with learning disabilities.

About the School: The history of The Carroll School dates back to 1967, when Dr. Edwin Cole and a small group of concerned individuals founded a special school for children with language-based learning differences. Today, Carroll is a thriving community where children come together in an environment that values their differences and remediates their learning difficulties. While Carroll's history is a short one, its tradition is rich and its mission is firmly grounded. 

34 Winter St

Arlington, MA 02474

(781) 641-5992

Grades: 3-12

Mission: Our goal is for each of our students to build strong academic and social skills, to experience the transforming power of education, discover a sense of joy in learning and develop confidence in themselves academically, socially and personally. At Dearborn Academy we teach and support each child as an individual through one-on-one and small-group instruction and support services. Our skilled staff of teachers and therapists are devoted to each child's success.

About the School: Dearborn Academy is one of New England's leading state-approved special education day schools. We serve children with emotional, social and learning challenges in separate elementary/middle and high-school programs.

242 Old Petersham Rd

Hardwick, MA 01037

(413) 477-6000

Grades: 8-12

Mission: Eagle Hill School educates students with learning (dis)abilities by providing an intimate and encouraging community that honors the individual, values learning diversity, and fosters personal and social growth.

About the School: Eagle Hill School believes that every student can learn; that every person who interacts with a student is a teacher; that learning differently demands teaching differently; and much more.

429 Hale St

Beverly, MA 01915

(978) 236-3010

Grades: 2-12

About the School: Landmark School was founded in 1971 by Charles "Chad" Drake with the goal of educating students whose reading, writing, spelling, and mathematical skills did not match their thinking and problem-solving capacities. Most called these children dyslexic or learning-disabled. Chad saw their promise, and called them bright and capable. Today Landmark is recognized internationally as a leader in the field of language-based learning disabilities.

533 North Road

Westfield, MA 01085

(413) 562-9500

Grades: 4-12

About the School: White Oak School provides effective research-based instruction for students with specific learning disabilities and related learning differences. Our students thrive in a comprehensive school environment that offers academic, social, recreational and athletic opportunities. White Oak's visions is that every student will come to believe in his or her full potential and be able to meet the academic and social challenges of whatever post secondary path they choose to take.

98 Haynes Road

Sudbury, MA 01776

(978) 443-2581

Grades: 6-12

Mission: Willow Hill School provides a supportive and individualized educational program for middle and high school students who are capable of advancing along a strong academic curriculum and have experienced frustration in earlier school settings. At Willow Hill, students come to understand and appreciate their personal learning styles and develop the skills and habits that enable them to succeed as lifelong learners and responsible members of their communities.