for dyslexics, by dyslexics


Delaware Dyslexia Schools

6201 Kennett Pike

Centreville, DE 19807

(302) 571-0230

Grades: K-12

Mission: Centralville Layton School offers a rigorous educational and cultural experience for students who learn differently. The program identifies academic and social needs of the individual and provides a curriculum that focuses on problem solving and critical thinking. Through intervention and strengthening learning strategies, the school empowers each student to reach his or her potential.

About the School: Centreville Layton School's Program is designed to meet the needs of children and adolescents who learn differently. Numerous challenges to the learning process can interfere with a child's ability to succeed in a large, traditional classroom. Our students build skill sets and develop learning strategies so they can overcome challenges, achieve academically and thrive socially. 

100 Garden of Eden Road

Wilmington, DE 19803

(302) 478-1740

Grades: K-8

Mission: The Pilot School's mission is to uncover the unique educational challenges of each student, and to give each child the specific developmental tools, guidance, and attention needed to learn, achieve, and ultimately to feel comfortable and be successful in the academic environment that is most appropriate.

About the School: The Pilot School has a deep commitment to children with learning differences. Each child is valued as an individual, and attention is given to that child's unique academic, social, emotional, and physical needs. Individual programs are designed by conducting ongoing thorough observation and analysis of each student's academic strengths and weaknesses. As programs are developed, careful attention is also given to the development of the total person. Science, social studies, art, music, life skills, swimming, and physical education support the core of instruction in the basic skills, and listening skills. Music therapy, speech, language, occupational, and physical therapy are also provided to children who will benefit from any or all of these services.