for dyslexics, by dyslexics


Connecticut Dyslexia Schools

139 North Main Street

West Hartford, CT 06107

(860) 236-5807

Grades: 2-12

Mission: We believe that every student deserves the chance to succeed. We enable bright children who have a learning disability to achieve success and strengthen their curiosity, perseverance, patience, self-reliance, motivation, and focus.

About the School: Ben Bronz Academy in West Hartford, Connecticut, is a full day school for bright children in grades who struggle to learn. Among the many learning disabilities our students battle are:  Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), Dyslexia (reading disabilities), Dysgraphia (writing disability), Executive Function Disorder (EFD), Autistic Spectrum Disorders (mild/Asperger's).

45 Glenville Rd

Greenwich, CT 06831

(203) 622-0914

Ages: 6-15 years

Mission: Eagle Hill School, a life changing experience, offers children with language-based learning disabilities the opportunity to grow into capable, resourceful students with the self-confidence and character necessary to meet the challenges they will face as life-long learners.

About the School: Eagle Hill School helps children with language-based learning disabilities acquire the academic and social skills necessary for transition to a traditional learning environment. Approximately 252 students, ages 6-16, enjoy an educational experience that is skills rather than grade-driven. A student-teacher ratio ranging from 1:1 to 12:1 ensures that each child receives an extraordinarily customized education.

214 Main Street

Southport, CT 06890

(203) 254-2044

Grades: 1-8

Mission: The mission of Eagle Hill- Southport is to help children with learning disabilities develop a foundation of skills, gain an understanding of their abilities, and prepare for a more traditional program.

About the School: The school emphasizes academic, social and athletic skill development and strives to prepare students to be independent learners and citizens. Each student's program is individualized and includes a mix of academic classes, tutorials and extracurricular activities that reflect the child's diagnosed needs and unique learning profile.

12 Norfolk Road

Litchfield, CT 06759

(860) 567-8712

Grades: 9-12

Mission: The Forman School is an independent, coeducational, college preparatory school for boarding and day students with identified learning differences. Based on his or her unique learning profile, Forman develops the whole student so that every graduate becomes an educated, confident, self-advocate throughout life.

About the School: The Forman School is a coeducational college preparatory boarding and day school for students with learning differences.

840 North Main Street

West Hartford, CT 06117

(860) 236-2049

Grades: K-12

About the School: The purpose of the Intensive Education Academy (IEA) is to provide a sound and appropriate education for students with learning disabilities. A five to one student/staff ratio makes it possible for all students to receive an individualized curriculum based on their specific needs. 

57 West Rocks Road

Norwalk, CT 06851


Grades: 6-12

Mission: WPS’s mission is to facilitate the independence of individuals with learning problems through assessment driven individualized education, research, and outreach.

About the School: Educational program at WPS center on facilitating the independence of students with learning difficulties through assessment driven individualized education. To achieve this mission, Winston's curriculum focuses on skill-based learning with an underlying emphasis on social-emotional growth. 

58 Harrison Lane

Bethlehem, CT 06751

(203) 266-7788

Grades: 9-12

Mission: The mission of the Woodhall School is to provide an opportunity for success to young men of above-average intellectual ability in grades 9-12, who have had difficulties in traditional school environments. The school embraces an individualized approach that allows each student to realize his potential and to take accountability in all areas of his life.

About the School: The school's individualized approach includes an interpersonal and intrapersonal component that permeates the four pillars of The Woodhall School: Academics, Athletics, Residential Life, and Communications.

161 Sky Meadow Drive

Stamford, CT 06903

(203) 322-5886

Grades: K-9

Mission: Our mission is to develop the full potential of students who are learning disabled. We do this by providing an education that will help children who learn differently acquire knowledge, develop skills, and increase the self-acceptance and self-esteem necessary to become responsible adults; by advocating for and promoting understanding of learning disabilities; and by working to eliminate prejudice and discrimination. We believe that education for those with learning disabilities must be patient, compassionate and creative, affirm the dignity and giftedness of each person, and promote the acceptance of diversity.

About the School: Students receive one-on-one attention in small classes averaging just four students. Our students begin on a level where they can find success, and they continue at appropriate levels and pace.