for dyslexics, by dyslexics


California Dyslexia Schools

525 San Antonio

Palo Alto, CA 94306

(650) 543-4560

Grades: 1-8

About the School: Athena Academy accepts students with dyslexia and concurrent ADHD, and other related language-based learning disorders. We are unable to fully meet the needs of students with more severe or more complicated diagnoses. Special education schools often mix bright, dyslexic students with other students having more complicated learning disabilities, resulting in a learning atmosphere which is often disruptive and chaotic. Dyslexia is its own category, and a large fraction of students have primarily dyslexia and related language based disabilities who would benefit from an environment more closely tailored to their specific needs. Athena Academy serves students grades 2-7 (growing to grade 8) and incorporates the methods, principles and general approach to teaching described briefly on our About Us page and in more detail on our Learning Strategies page.

3555 Kenyon Street #101

San Diego, CA 92126

(619) 226-6171

Grades: 1-6

Mission: Our Mission is to help students become efficient, confident learners, in school and in life. Banyan Tree Educational Services gives assistance to students experiencing school difficulties. We provide instruction in the basics of reading, written language, mathematics, and study/organizational skills using innovative, multi-sensory techniques and strategies. These methods have proven successful in helping students learn more effectively. Our students learn how to build on their strengths, talents and abilities, and overcome their weaknesses. Our goal is to help parents and teachers understand individual differences and to give students the skills they need for lifelong learning. Banyan Tree Educational Services can assist students in achieving their goals for educational and personal success.

521 Boden Way

Oakland, CA 94610

(510) 268-1500

Grades: 9-12

Mission: The mission of Bayhill High School is to educate students with learning differences, focusing on their individual learning needs, with the goal of maximizing their inherent abilities and their potential to succeed.

About the School: Bayhill High School serves students with academic difficulties who are entering the 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grades. Eligible students have an average to above average intelligence, whose processing of information makes it difficult for them to excel in a traditional classroom or school setting. Bayhill accepts students who can benefit from our unique educational environment.

1405 Solana Drive

Belmont, CA 94002-3653

(650) 592-7570

Grades: 1-8

Mission: Charles Armstrong School serves high potential students with language-based learning differences, such as dyslexia, empowering them to thrive as learners in school and life. Our faculty, staff, board and community are dedicated to our mission and the values of Charles Armstrong School.

About the School: The dyslexic student is at the center of everything we do at Armstrong. From the moment a family begins the application process, they are part of our community. Our team approach supports all families as they adjust to life at Armstrong. Every aspect of our student day is methodically planned. From the way we approach reading to the way we assign homework, to the way we support peer relationships.

2511 Numa Watson Road

Seaside, CA 93955

(831) 394-3468

Grades: K-12

Mission: The mission of Chartwell School is to diagnostically educate students with specific learning variations, including dyslexia, in a way that provides them with the academic skills, confidence, creativity and perseverance necessary to meet the challenges of mainstream education and lifelong learning.

About the School: Chartwell was founded over 25 years ago to meet the needs of students with a wide range of language-related learning variations, including dyslexia.  These are bright students, but they find that learning to read well is extremely difficult and they struggle in traditional academic settings.  Since 1983, Chartwell has been the only school of this type serving California’s Central Coast region.  Accredited at the highest level by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), Chartwell offers a full mainstream curriculum that meets or exceeds California state standards.  All classes use well-structured, diagnostic, multi-sensory approaches and implement research-based best practices.  Chartwell places special emphasis on accessing higher order cognition, creativity and problem solving skills through language development, hands-on science, the arts, the social and emotional foundations of learning, and environmental education.

971 North Altadena Drive

Pasadena, CA 91107

(626) 791-1255

Grade: 1-12

Mission: The Frostig Center is dedicated to helping children with learning disabilities reach their full potential through an integrated approach of primary research, professional development and consultation, and the Frostig School.

About the School: The Frostig School has been educating children with learning disabilities in grades 1-12 since 1951. Our school offers a full range of academic and support services targeted to children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia, as well as children with ADHD and autism spectrum disorder. The school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

5353 Concord Boulevard

Concord, CA 94521

(925) 687-7555

Grades: 1-8

Mission: To provide for students who have dyslexia a learning environment that sparks academic success while uncovering and developing each student's talents and strengths.

About the School: Hope Academy opened in the fall of 2007. We are group of parents, educators and advocates who are passionate about serving children who have dyslexia. We represent decades of experience in public and private education settings and the business world. Hope Academy offers a multi-sensory approach to learning that gives our students the opportunity to succeed. Instruction that is multi-sensory employs all pathways of learning - seeing, hearing, touching, writing, and speaking.

350 Ninth Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94118

(415) 752-3567

Grades: K-8

Mission: The Laurel School serves students with learning differences and students who benefit from a small class size. In a community that nurtures mutual respect and compassion, we cultivate the academic potential of each child throughout multimodal, differentiated instruction. By teaching learning strategies, self-advocay skills, and social competence, The Laurel School prepares students for the next level of education.

About the School: Here at The Laurel School, we nurture and support children with learning differences who struggle in a traditional school setting. Our highly-skilled teachers excel at encouraging our students so they can blossom. We use innovative techniques at the forefront of education, and our students are excited about learning.

3939 Landmark Street

Culver City, CA 90232

(310) 840-0500

Grades: 1-8 

About the School: Founded in 1968, Park Century School is non-profit, independent coeducational day school designed to meet the specific educational, emotional, and social needs of bright children, ages 7-14 years, who have learning disabilities, and their families. We do this by providing comprehensive, clinical, and educational programs built specifically for each of our students, in an empathetic and supportive environment emphasizing academic success, maturity, and independence.

18341 Lassen Drive

North Tustin, CA 92705

(714) 538-4511

Grades: preK-8

About the School: The Prentice School empowers children with learning differences to fulfill their potential as students and citizens, through a specialized educational program based on teaching to each student's strengths. We are determined to prepare our students for life. Prentice, a non-profit organization, has provided a life-changing education to more than 5,000 students with learning differences since our founding in 1986. We serve families primarily from Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties, although families have moved from across the country to attend Prentice. Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Prentice is one of the oldest and largest schools of its kind in California.

3520 Mountain Boulevard

Oakland, CA 94619

(510) 436-1275

Grades: 2-8

Mission: Raskob Day School and Learning Institute is a coeducational school for students from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds with language-based learning disabilities. Raskob seeks to recognize and nurture the talents and strengths of each student while remediating areas of academic weakness through individualized curriculums and multi-sensory teaching approaches. Raskob's safe and nurturing environment fosters the academic and social growth of each child. By participating in Raskob's program, students experience success and recognize themselves as learners.

About the School: The Raskob Day School is appropriate for students who have average to above average academic potential, but are underachieving at their current schools. Raskob serves students in elementary through middle school, serving 2nd through 8th grades. Committed to the academic, social and emotional well-being of our students, Raskob encourages the development of strengths and talents while providing instructional interventions for academic areas of weakness. The Raskob Day School program is designed to meet the needs of the learning disabled student through a highly individualized academic program that incorporates one-on-one instruction and small group experience. As a result, Raskob's curriculum operates on multiple levels from remedial to advanced. Raskob is committed to the development of self-directed learners who understand their disability and how it impacts them in a variety of settings. Raskob encourages applications and admits students from all racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

650 Clark Way

Palo Alto, CA 94304

(605) 688-3605

Grades: K-6

About the School: Sand Hill School provides a joyful and personalized learning environment for bright students with language-based learning differences such as dyslexia. We re-instill their confidence and love of learning by helping them acquire the academic and social emotional skills they need for lifelong success.

515 East Poplar Avenue

San Mateo, CA 94401

(650) 375-5860

Grades: K-12

Mission: Stanbridge Academy, a private K-12 school, provides a supportive community and a structured academic environment for students with mild to moderate learning differences and social communication disorders. Stanbridge fosters academic and social growth, which enables students to become self-advocates, lifelong learners and engaged citizens.

About the School: The school and staff are dedicated to providing students with small, structured classes, individualized and differentiated instruction following California standards based curriculum. Our education program addresses the whole child, with focus on both academic and social growth. Our unique and effective experiential program utilizes off-campus activities to enhance and complement classroom learning and promotes student personal growth. Stanbridge students have been diagnosed with learning differences, such as dyslexia, language processing disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, and other academic and social learning challenges.

4470 Redwood Highway

San Rafael, CA 94903

(415) 456-8727

Grades: 1-12

About the School: Star Academy provides a comprehensive,individualized education program for students with learning differences. We help students experience academic success on a daily basis. As students achieve and recognize these successes, their confidence grows and they find joy in learning. Elementary, middle and high school students all benefit from Star's calm, nurturing, and highly supportive environment, which isconducive to learning. High school students earn their high school diploma at Star Academy and prepare to transition to college and other pursuits. Meanwhile students in every grade work on developing the skills they will need to lead productive gratifying lives once they become adults. Classroom curriculum is based on CaliforniaDepartment of Education frameworks and is individualized to meet the needs of each student.

38325 Cedar Boulevard

Newark, CA 94560

(510) 797-2227

Grades: 1-8

About the School: Stellar Academy is a private, coeducational, nonprofit elementary school grades 1-8. Stellar Academy provides the dyslexic student with a nurturing learning environment tailored to their unique learning needs. The alternative instruction provided at Stellar meets the needs of children who suffer with symptoms of dyslexia. This specialized instruction is the Slingerland approach which teaches language through all three sensory muscles simultaneously - Kinesthetic, Visual, and Auditory. Our students have difficulty with acquiring language skills -- oral language, spelling, written language, or reading. They are of average to above-average intelligence. Throughout all academic subject areas we teach students cognitive strategies and nurture their strengths in order to navigate around weaknesses. Our learning environment is aimed at increasing each student's self-esteem. Students with dyslexia can be creative, imaginative, and talented. They are fortunate to be born in a time when educators are becoming more aware of how to meet their needs.

2690 Jackson Street

San Francisco, CA 94115

(415) 922-6081

Grades: 5-12

Mission: Sterne School is committed to educating students with learning differences and providing them with the skills and strategies necessary to reach their academic potential. Through a hands-on and individualized program that focuses on academic and social development, Sterne is dedicated to preparing its students for the challenges of life.

About the School: Sterne School is a specialized, independent, co-ed day school, dedicated exclusively to students with learning differences in Grades 5 – 12. We offer a strength-based program, tailored to each student’s unique learning style, incorporating experiential learning, assistive technologies, and the arts, along with intra/interpersonal skill-building. Our students learn in small, mixed-grade classes, which offer a supportive environment for approaching schoolwork while cultivating a sense of community among students and teachers.

Summit View Valley

6455 Coldwater Canyon Ave.

Valley Glen, CA 91606

(818) 623-6300

Summit View West

12101 West Washington Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90066

(310) 751-1100


Grades: 1-12

Mission: Summit View School is dedicated to educating young people with learning differences who possess average to superior intellectual capabilities. Recognizing the unique strengths, aptitudes, and natural gifts of each student, the program fosters academic growth, creativity, and a sense of mastery and accomplishment. A commitment to maximizing each student’s potential and performance forms the foundation of the school’s educational program.

About the School: Summit View offers a college preparatory program to students with learning differences. High school core classes meet the a-g course requirements for University of California and California State University admissions. The rigorous, standards-based curriculum follows sate and district guidelines including advanced courses such as Pre-calulus, Astronomy, Honors English, and Physics. An emphasis on cross-curricular activities between subject area enhances student awareness of how concepts interconnect and relate to the world around them.

5461 Louise Avenue

Encino, CA 91316

(818) 986-5045

Grades: 4-12

About the School: Westmark School has provided students throughout the Los Angeles area an exceptional educational program designed for their specific needs. With one of the finest faculties available on the West Coast for children with learning differences, our teachers are highly educated and equally dedicated.With students ranging from diagnosed dyslexia and AD/HD, to extreme reading, writing, comprehension, and mathematical organizational difficulties, our students discover how they learn best and become advocates for themselves during their years at Westmark. Entering with average to above average intellects, our academic goals are elevated and continually reevaluated for each child.Westmark provides a multi-sensory, whole-child approach to education in a nurturing and traditional school environment. Grades 4-12th

215 9th Street

Del Mar, CA 92014

(858) 259-8155

Grades: 5-12

About the School: Unlike many independent schools in California, Winston’s unique program for grades 5-12 allows for challenging academic work to be undertaken with the help of counselors, speech and language therapists and occupational therapists who work seamlessly with classroom teachers to ensure a successful elementary, middle and high school experience. Academic classes emphasize skill building and readily available technology helps accommodate diverse learning styles.