for dyslexics, by dyslexics


APPs for Reading

Price: $19.99

Description: "AppWriter is comprised of text-to-speech software, context based word suggestions, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to help with reading and writing." (http://dyslexiahelp.umich.edu/tools/apps)

Price: Free

Description: "Blio makes e-reading easy with text-to-speech, highlighting words as you read, looking up unknown words or phrases, and being visually friendly to suit your needs." (http://dyslexiahelp.umich.edu/tools/apps)

Price: $1.99

Description: "This app introduces and teaches various literacy skills, such as the connection between letters and sounds, sounding out simple words, and spelling words you’ve read using a structured game format." (http://dyslexiahelp.umich.edu/tools/apps)

Price: $4.99

Description: "With GoodReader on your iPad/iPhone, you can read virtually anything, anywhere: books, movies, maps, pictures. Use it once and you’ll be hooked. If you work with documents, soon you'll be wondering how you ever managed to use your iPad or iPhone without GoodReader." (http://www.goodreader.com/goodreader.html)

Price: Free

Description: "Me Books is an independent eBookshop for kids aged 2-10. All your favourite books, comics and bedtime stories for kids in one award-winning app. You can even add your own narration and sound effects to create a turly personal library that lives on your smartphone or tablet device. Choose from hundreds of popular books and comics hand-picked for children enjoying stories and nursery rhymes for the first time, playing with phonics or growing into fully fledged independent readers." (http://www.mebooks.co/)

Price: $9.99

Description: "Prizmo can read scanned documents to you; simply take a picture of the document with your phone, and Prizmo will read it aloud. You can also share the documents between devices or through cloud computing." (http://dyslexiahelp.umich.edu/tools/apps)

Description: "The easy-to-use customizable toolbar helps improve learning and comprehension. Access the support tools needed at school, work, or home." (http://www.texthelp.com/north-america/our-products/readwrite)

Price: Free

Description: "ABC MAGIC READING gives your child key reading skills practice. ABC MAGIC stays committed to time tested phonics principles, to techniques proven to be successful. Besides the reading feature, there are two skill building programs added that almost all other programs overlook-blending and segmenting." (itunes.apple.com)

Price: $19.99

Description: "Read2Go is the most accessible e-book reader app for readers with print disabilities. Directly from within the Read2Go app, Bookshare members can find, download, and read books all on a single Apple device. No need to download books to computers, transfer files, or decompress files! Just download and READ!" (http://read2go.org/)

Price: $1.99

Description: "Hear your emails, articles, and other online texts read aloud to you by simply copying and pasting the text into the app. Then, create audio files from the spoken text that you can save or email." (http://dyslexiahelp.umich.edu/tools/apps)

Price: Free

Description: "Vocab Builder is a great way to learn new vocabulary words and is perfect for preparing for the SAT or GRE. You are quizzed on thousands of words, and a dictionary is included." (http://dyslexiahelp.umich.edu/tools/apps)

Price: $2.99

Description: "Voice Dream Reader is an iPhone and iPad app that lets you listen to any articles, blog posts, reports, papers, and books. It reads the text using the best available text-to-speech technology. The voice is clear and natural." (http://www.voicedream.com/)

Price: Free

Description: "Words, words, words are what you need for effective communication. Start right from the beginning and master them all! The 2000+ words become more difficult with each passing quiz. Audio is included to help with pronunciation. Mix things up with the unscramble game!" (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.socratica.mobile.words&hl=en)

Price: $0.99

Description: "Writing Machine shows how one picture and one word go together, how to read text from left to right, and how to tell words from letters." (http://dyslexiahelp.umich.edu/tools/apps)