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About Us 

DyslexiaSavvy is designed not only to be a resource for education but also to inspire the passion of learning.

Dyslexiasavvy's mission is to provide easily accessible condensed information and helpful resources into dyslexia. We provide personal and the expert's insight into understanding the struggles as well as provide suggestions, strategies and recommendations to best support children with dyslexia while also focusing on their strong unparalleled gifts. Dyslexiasavvy is for students, parents, non-special ed teachers and special ed teachers and school administrators - advisors. The website is also to provide online educators and online school web designers key strategies and design suggestions imperative for the success of the student with dyslexia.

My passion and empathy stems from my family and my personal experiences with dyslexia coupled with my interactions and educational experiences from some of the countries top experts. These resources, strategies, and suggestions have proven to help all students, with or without dyslexia.

--Kappy Pille